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Deb McGuire she/her


Deb is the Clinical Director here at Bend. She is a Registered Social Worker, holding a Masters of Social Work from The University of Victoria. She is licensed to practice Psychotherapy.

 As a trained Trauma Specialist, Deb also uses integrated approaches in her work as both a Therapist and Clinical Supervisor.  This means that she places clients at the centre of their work together.


In her work here at Bend, she supports adults and young people - building on the work she has done throughout her career, as a teacher, coach, facilitator, youth outreach worker and psychotherapist. She also provides Clinical Supervision to regulated Mental Health Providers.

Within and outside of trauma work, Deb also specializes in supporting people through Borderline Personality Disorder, integrating Mindfulness Based approaches into this work. She also treats Anxiety, Depression and ADHD.

Deb is also a skilled Facilitator. She has curated and delivered team building and staff retreat days for a variety of organizations, not for profits and corporations. She also facilitates workshops for many of these same organizations.

Outside of the Therapy office, Deb enjoys practicing and teaching Yoga, spending time outside, cooking, reading and connecting with her friends and family.

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