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Eric Gilbert

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Eric Gilbert is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who is deeply rooted in the community. He volunteers as a coach and has had over 12 years of experience working in Ottawa as a career firefighter.

Eric trusts in people's ability to change while acknowledging that life can be chaotic, stressful and unpredictable. He understands that we all have vulnerabilities that can overwhelm us at certain times in our lives. Fortunately, we all have resources and the ability to be resilient as well. Eric believes the power of talk therapy happens when we can summon the courage to be open and honest with ourselves. Counselling gives people the opportunity to get to know themselves better, mindfully bringing increased awareness and influence over their lives. 


He seeks to be supportive and understanding, helping people grow by increasing self-compassion and challenging themselves to find solutions. He integrates several counselling theories and strategies and tailors his approaches to meet people’s individual needs.


Eric is open to seeing anyone over 18 needing therapy, though his vast experiences working as a firefighter leave him with an interest and expertise in supporting first responders.


In addition, he is currently accepting clients who are seeking support in the following areas:




Relationship Issues

Managing Powerful Emotions

Men’s Issues




Sports Psychology Strategies


LGBTQ+ Issues

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